This is a course that I developed for American tech and Management University. The course package included the course curriculum, course PowerPoint slides (developed by the textbook publisher as per the client preference), the textbook powerpoint converted to an e-learning module (ne sample included). This course combined live streaming instructor-led lectures (one sample included) with interactive e-learning modules. I incorporated the online lecture platform (WIZIQ) with the university’s LMS (Moodle), created the sessions, trained the teachers and students on using it, video recorded the lectures, converted them and reloaded them to the LMS in MP4 format.

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This is a short course training that I developed for one of my clients (Skills Group), based on my analysis of the needs of the management team. The course was directed to the sales and marketing team after discovering that they lacked the needed negotiation skills to get the required results and meet their targets. The course package included: course outline, course advertisement, teacher slides, teacher guide, student workbook, handouts, assessment tools and the e-learning created using Articulate Storyline.